3 Places Where Your Waste Goes

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Proper waste disposal is an integral part of everyday living, particularly for manufacturing companies. These companies produce various types of waste that need to be well disposed of.

Apart from manufacturers, homeowners as well as building contractors produce massive amounts of waste. It is the sole reason why dumpsters are an on-site requirement during renovations and major construction projects.

What dumpster rental companies do is they rent out differently sized dumpsters to interested individuals to facilitate easy clean-up and disposal of garbage. Under normal circumstances, dumpsters are hired out every week, whereby, the contract is renewable after that. Once you are done with your project or the dumpster is full, dumpster companies pick up the trash for proper disposal.

Dumpster rental companies offer essential services that protect the environment while making our surroundings safe.

So, how do these companies dispose of this waste?


Landfills are the most popular method of waste management, especially in developing countries. It involves a process of burying the waste into the ground.

Those involved in this waste management method subject these materials through a certain procedure with the sole purpose of eliminating odor and other dangers the waste might have on the ground. As popular as this method is, unfortunately, large landfills emit toxic gases into the environment. It is to that effect that waste disposal companies are looking for alternative ways of waste management. Additionally, some landfills have implemented stricter measures and do not allow the disposal of certain materials including tires, electronics, and more.


Incineration involves the burning of municipal solid waste at extremely high temperatures. It is a thermal treatment where solid waste is subjected to hot temperatures, which effectively reduces these materials into residue, steam, and gases.

Incineration is gaining popularity rapidly since it is capable of reducing the volume of the waste by 30%, further reducing the garbage load for landfills. Additionally, in countries like the United States, landfill space has run out, further enhancing the popularity of incineration.


Recycling is currently the safest and most desired method of waste management. It is no wonder the industry has shown tremendous growth in the past couple of years.

Recycling involves the collection of used materials and manufacturing them into useful products. Some of these materials are converted into energy sources such as heat, electricity, and fuel.

Recycling has a vast number of benefits. For starters, it is a great method of conserving energy. It has played an instrumental role in reducing the amount of waste in landfills as well as water and air pollution. Last but not least, it has significantly minimized the amount of greenhouse gas emissions to the air and also played an integral role in the preservation of natural resources.


The above-named methods are the most popular ways of disposing of waste but they are not the only ones. Composting and plasma gasification are other methods of managing waste. If you have any questions about waste management at all, feel free to give our team a call.