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Why Should You Rent A Dumpster?

Value Dumpster Rental Jacksonville understands that homeowners and businesses occasionally find themselves in situations with an overwhelming amount of debris. Here are some common situations that are made much easier by renting a dumpster:

Moving House or Office

If you are moving your home or transferring to a new office, you may find that you’ve accumulated a lot of unnecessary items. This is an excellent opportunity to get rid of those items and start fresh. With our dumpster rental services, your life will be much easier because you won’t have to transport these things to your new home or office. You’ll also save money because you won’t have to pay the moving company to transport these items.


A home renovation or office remodel can accumulate a tremendous amount of debris. Once you start renovating your room or office, the construction debris will need somewhere to go. Our dumpster rental can collect both household items, such as toys, furniture, and clothes, as well as construction materials like drywall, wood, bricks, metal, and more. 

Estate Cleanouts

We sympathize with our customers who are enquiring about renting a dumpster to help clean out the estate of a loved one who is no longer with us. Estate cleanouts are not only physically demanding, but emotionally draining as well. Hiring a dumpster rental company will greatly ease your burden, allowing you to spend more time with your family during this emotional time.

Our Dumpster Sizes

We have a variety of dumpster sizes fit for any need. The following are the sizes we regularly have in stock:

A 10-yard dumpster measures 12′ long × 8′ wide × 4′ high. It’s best suitable for small residential projects and medium-sized clean ups.

These dumpsters are 22′ long × 8′ wide × 4.5′ high. They are appropriate for medium-sized projects such as remodeling jobs as well as estate cleanouts.

These are our largest dumpsters, measuring 22′ long ×8′ wide × 8′ high. They are used for the most significant cleanup projects, and projects that require multiple dumpsters.

40-yard dumpsters- These measure 22′ long× 8′ wide× 8’ high. Their walls are higher than those of 30 yarders. These are typically used for the largest projects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long can I keep the dumpster for?

As long as you want. Generally we include 7 days with each dumpster rental, and then charge a low flat rate per day if you’d like to keep the dumpster for longer.

How do dumpster rental prices work?

Our pricing is affected by a few factors: which container you’ll need, how long you’ll need it for, how soon you need it, and how much debris you put in it. Generally we offer our dumpsters for a flat rate that includes 7 days and a certain number of tons of weight. If you overfill the dumpster and it weighs more than the allotted weight, you’ll be charged an overage fee. If you keep the dumpster for longer than 7 days you’ll be charged an additional daily fee as well. Don’t worry, all the specific costs will be laid out over the phone to you when you speak with our team. You’ll never experience any hidden fees with us.

Are dumpsters the only thing you offer?

We also proudly offer a number of different site services such as storage containers, portable restrooms, and temporary fencing to help your project become a success. Check out our portable restroom page or our portable storage page for more information, or call us today to discuss your needs with a team member.